Conduction cooling solutions for rugged computers, optimal for harsh environments.

 This post covers the use of conduction cooling techniques in stackable and modular systems. Under which conditions such systems are most commonly used? Is it possible to create customized systems, yet compliant to industry standards? How conduction cooling is applied in stackable and modular systems?

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СРС1311 — a new COM Express® mini (Type 10) CPU board, based on Bay Trail. Small and compact solution with powerful capabilities.

The range of Fastwel COM-modules was expanded with a new CPC1311 module in COM Express® mini format (Type 10).

This innovative product is focused on OEM customers who need nonstandard computers for using them in systems designed for mission-critical applications and harsh environments.

CPC1311 is based on multicore CPU Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) with 64-bit architecture. These CPUs have the following key features: very low power consumption (up to 10 W), support of ECC and powerful graphics controller. In СРС1311, two CPU versions can be used: high-performance CPU based on 4-core E3845 CPU with 1.91 GHz and low-power CPU based on 2-core E3825 CPU with 1.33 GHz.

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The future of industrial communications: Fieldbus or Ethernet?

Having recently joint Fastwel as a Head of European Branch, I’ve attended the first event in a new role. It was a workshop, organized by Telerex in Breda, the Netherlands, where over 40 industrial automation experts arrived to discuss the state of art in industrial communications. The experts talked about pros and cons of Fieldbuses and Ethernet communications for industrial automation. Many technical details of “Fieldbus VS Ethernet” battle have been covered; however, here I would like to focus on the business aspects of the problem. Continue reading