Rugged embedded modules by Fastwel at the “Hightech at the Olympia tower” event in Munich

Past week Fastwel presented its rugged embedded modules to German clients and partners during the Olympia Tower event.

Together with our distributor in Germany, Plug-in,  and 30 other high-tech companies, Fastwel participated in a beautifully organized exposition which took place at the Olympia Tower in Munich, Germany. The products, introduced by Fastwel, included embedded modules in cPCI (PICMG 2,0; PICMG 2.16; PICMG 2.30, CPCI Serial) , PC/104 (PC/104 Plus, PCI/104 Express) form-factors as well as COM modules for industrial applications.

The event program included not only the exposition, but also several presentations, thus, the participants could share their knowledge on the latest technological developments.

We’d like to thank Plug-in and Meilhaus, who kindly invited Fastwel team to join them in Munich for the high level of the event organization. We’re looking forward to bring the newest embedded modules to the event next year.


Success factors for embedded hardware development — Faster, Higher, Stronger

«Citius, Altius, Fortius» — states the Olympic games motto, which means Faster, Higher, Stronger. Those words are not just a beautiful slogan, known by everyone! For Fastwel those are the key success factors for the development of embedded hardware for mission-critical applications.

  • Faster adjustment to the constantly changing circumstances. In a highly competitive rugged electronics market environment, the one who adjusts better — wins. Offering not only the standard products and form-factors, but those new (StackPC) which combine the innovative approach to industrial electronics development and the proven reliability of “wheelhorses” (PC/104), is important.
  • Higher quality standards. To stand out in the field of mission critical applications, one needs to have the highest quality standards. Fastwel products perform the extreme resistance to Shocks\Vibrations\Humidity and an extended temperature range (from -40 to -85 degrees).
  • Stronger links with clients and partners. In a highly competitive environment only strong relationships, based on trust, can lead to success. Fastwel closely works with our long-term partners to provide the best quality products and the most customized support to clients.

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Distribution agreement with PLUG-IN at Hannover Messe 2015

Fastwel is constantly striving to provide the best products and customized service to our clients globally. The best way to do so — is to establish long-term business relationships with reliable partners, operating on local markets. This goal has been reached for German-speaking countries by the recent signing of alliance agreement with PLUG-IN  at Hannover Messe 2015. The distributor of Fastwel products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, PLUG-IN is one of the most innovative companies for industrial systems solutions in Germany. Together, Fastwel and PLUG-IN will cover the needs of continuously growing European Market for ruggedized embedded electronics.

Russian high tech at Hannover Messe 2015.

Fastwel participates in   Hannover Messe exhibition on 12-17th April 2015, this time as a part of iMoscow booth. There the most innovative, high-tech companies of Moscow come together, to demonstrate its core competencies. The aim of such a collaboration was to let visitors see for themselves that Russian companies provide modern high-tech solutions, competitive in the global markets.

Fastwel introduced its rugged customized Tablet PC  highly resistant to shocks and vibrations as well as industrial SBCs for mission critical applications.

Overall, the iMoscow residents’ products, such as super conductors, medical equipment, rugged electronics — attracted numerous visitors.

Conduction cooling solutions for rugged computers, optimal for harsh environments.

 This post covers the use of conduction cooling techniques in stackable and modular systems. Under which conditions such systems are most commonly used? Is it possible to create customized systems, yet compliant to industry standards? How conduction cooling is applied in stackable and modular systems?

Read more in the research by senior design engineer at Fastwel, Alexey Sorokin, first presented at the Embedded World 2015 exhibition. Continue reading

СРС1311 — a new COM Express® mini (Type 10) CPU board, based on Bay Trail. Small and compact solution with powerful capabilities.

The range of Fastwel COM-modules was expanded with a new CPC1311 module in COM Express® mini format (Type 10).

This innovative product is focused on OEM customers who need nonstandard computers for using them in systems designed for mission-critical applications and harsh environments.

CPC1311 is based on multicore CPU Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) with 64-bit architecture. These CPUs have the following key features: very low power consumption (up to 10 W), support of ECC and powerful graphics controller. In СРС1311, two CPU versions can be used: high-performance CPU based on 4-core E3845 CPU with 1.91 GHz and low-power CPU based on 2-core E3825 CPU with 1.33 GHz.

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