HMI rugged railway Panel PC featuring 10.4″ display

More and more manufacturers of rugged embedded electronics are focusing on railway solutions. The panel PCs for railways should meet strict industry requirements: they have to be compact, light weighted ,resistant to multiple shocks and vibrations, compliant to EN50155 and other standards. Rugged railway Panel PC  BS04 stands out from a bunch of similar products due to its smart design and customization options. This is why I prepared a short overview of the product, mentioning the main technical characteristics and distinctive design elements:

HMI rugged railway Panel PC BS04 , brief description

Rugged Panel PC for railway transport BS04 features 10.4″ display, dual core 32bit/64bit Intel PineviewD (D510) х86 CPU,  1 GB soldered DDR2 SDRAM is designed to withstand electromagnetic and mechanical shocks, as well as wide temperature ranges.

Harsh environment conditions

The HMI Panel PC BS04 operates in the following environmental conditions:

  • Operating temperature is –50°С…+60°С
  • IP65 at front panel
  • IP40 for the rest of the enclosure
  • Shocks/vibration: 10G/1G

Technical characteristics and certification

BS04 is compliant with EN 50155. 3 years warranty is offered for parts and labour.

A compact ( 333×228×50 mm) and rugged solution features:

  •  10.4 inches resistant display with glare filter as well as automatic and manual brightness adjustment. Touchscreen can be installed upon request
  • Keyboard is designed with a focus on usability: 26 function keys with back light, special purpose key of display operating mode control («auto», «day», «night», «OFF»). Key codes are programmable, back light brightness can be adjusted.
  • Interfaces with galvanic isolation 2×CAN ports,  2×RS422/485, 2×Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s, 3 USB ports. For more interfaces characteristics you can download the datasheet on the product page (see the links above).
rugged panel railway PC, railway computer control panel

Rugged Panel railway PC in a train’s control panel by Fastwel

Rugged railway Panel PC — customization options

There are various customization options for this Panel PC, such as: functional expansion by installation of up to two expansion modules in mini PCIe format. Key symbols replacement is possible with with codes reprogramming. Custom type connectors can be installed. The power voltage range can be changed : 1036 V, 43160 V . The above mentioned installation of touchscreen is also possible.

Contact Fastwel for more details

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rugged railway Panel PC

Rugged HMI railway Panel PC for railway transport

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