Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA) — Fastwel

Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA) — Fastwel

Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA)


Intel Embedded and Communications AllianceThe Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance is a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers committed to the development of modular, standards-based solutions on Intel technologies.

Fastwel is a member of the The Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, a community of developers and solution providers utilizing Intel technology in the development and deployment of solutions.

Fastwel is a leading global supplier of mission critical board and system level products in the industrial and embedded computing marketplace.  Founded in 1997, Fastwel is a wholly owned subsidiary of ProSoft, a large multi-national corporation based in Eastern Europe.  Our mission is to provide high consistency of product quality, complemented by the finest continuity of supply, support and value in the industry – to include an industry first three year warranty.  We’re here to help with every stage of your project, from a standard product, to complete OEM and ODM custom services.    

We design, develop and manufacture long life board level products for the military, aerospace, security telecom and transportation applications, providing EN50155 compliant products for railway and rolling infrastructure.  Includes PC/104, Compact PCI, VME, Computer-on-Module, MicroPC, 3.5” and Mini-ITX platforms, focusing on -40C-85C extended operating temperature applications.  Our system level products include Panel PCs, All-in-One, PCs, Tablet Computers, On-Board Automatic Control Systems, Digital Video Servers and Inter-Communication Equipment.     

Fastwel is an ISO certified company having both 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 certifications, allowing us to offer products with a 7+ year production life cycle guarantee.  Our Environmental Management System (EMS) complies with ISO 14001 standards.  We are committed to provide green products that are compliant with WEEE and RoHS legislation.  Fastwel is a proud member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, taking great pride in our innovation, integrity and passion, as the cornerstone of our culture and our business approach with customers and partners.


The Intel® Communications Alliance

Your Trusted Supply Line for Embedded Solutions

In today’s increasingly competitive embedded environment, developers need to deliver more innovation in less time than ever before. Embedded devices are increasingly interconnected, and market segments from industrial automation and control to interactive retail kiosks demand higher performance platforms to support new generations of demanding applications.

Intel is ready with solutions. Embedded developers can rely on Intel and members of the Intel® Communications Alliance for development solutions at multiple levels of integration for the right combination of performance, robust networking capabilities and flexible form factors. These development solutions include high-performance and low-power Intel silicon complemented by validated reference designs and a wide selection of third-party boards, operating systems, software and tools.

Intel has a long and successful history of enabling development and deployment of embedded applications. Today, Intel is continuing to invest in areas critical to embedded OEMs:

  • Intel is driving the adoption of open standards to help ensure network interoperability, and enable faster time-to-market for new, revenue generating services. Intel plays a leading role in standards bodies including the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG*), the PCI-SIG for PCI Express* architecture, and Computer-on-Module (COM) Express*.
  • Intel provides a comprehensive product line and a roadmap of high-performance, low-power embedded processors and building blocks, augmented by a broad suite of software components and tools. Intel® embedded processors include Intel® Pentium® processors, Intel® Celeron® processors, Intel® IXP4XX network processors, and Intel® PXA 255 and 270 processors for embedded computing.
  • The Intel® Communications Alliance is a trusted supply line that helps equipment manufacturers speed development, while focusing on their core competencies. This large and growing community of hardware developers and software solutions providers is committed to helping embedded developers compete more effectively with the right silicon, standards and solutions.

“By choosing high-performance low-power Intel® building blocks, developers can accelerate time-to-market for a broad range of innovative embedded products, ranging from industrial automation solutions to interactive clients. Embedded developers look to the Intel® Communications Alliance for modular hardware and software solutions that help deliver more innovation at reduced cost.” — Doug Davis, Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Processor Division

What is the Intel® Communications Alliance?

The Intel® Communications Alliance is a global community of solutions providers and communications and embedded systems developers, all sharing a common vision of convergence in computing and communications technologies. Alliance members are committed to the development of modular, standards-based building blocks, platforms, and solutions based on Intel® technologies, processors, products, and services, such as embedded Intel® Architecture processors and Intel® network processors. Premier, Associate and Affiliate members work closely with Intel to develop standards-based offerings that provide a trusted supply line of products at multiple levels of integration to embedded and telecommunications customers.

How do members and their customers benefit?

The collaboration with Intel provides customers a rich choice of building blocks with a range of options to accelerate time-to-market:

  • Leading-edge products. Alliance members work with Intel to deliver products, building blocks, solutions, and services based on the latest embedded Intel Architecture processors and network processors. The Alliance helps enable members to achieve early market delivery with products that will accelerate their customers’ time-to-market, bringing a competitive edge to all participants of the value chain.
  • Roadmap alignment. Through the Alliance, members work with Intel to align their product roadmaps, resulting in a compelling, composite offering of Intel building blocks, solutions, and services that help increase customer choice.
  • Standards adoption. Members of the Alliance share Intel’s philosophy on the value of standards-based building blocks and solutions and the importance of delivering products that meet the requirements set by standards-setting bodies. This focus on standards results in the widening availability and advancement of modular building blocks.
  • Interoperability. Members of the Alliance participate in interoperability testing to prove the value of standards-based platforms.
  • Design and development expertise. Members have proven track records of designing and developing products and services based on Intel® processor and platform architectures.
  • Manufacturing capabilities. Alliance members possess the manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver leading-edge building blocks and solutions to the market. Additionally, members have achieved critical industry certifications from bodies such as ISO and CMM.
  • Logistics and customer support. Alliance members have geographic and worldwide delivery and pre- and post-sales customer support capabilities to help ensure customer satisfaction and enhance the value chain.

Whether you’re looking for board-level, system-level, or software-level solutions, the Intel® Communications Alliance — your trusted embedded solutions supply line — can help your business and your customers.

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