Mission Critical PC/104-Plus Module


PC/104-Plus Intel Bay Trail E3800 Platform, Industrial -40C-85C Operating Specifications for Embedded Applications

Intel Bay Trail Atom E3825/E3845 processor options with 64-bit architecture and high performance graphics controller. Offers exceptionally low power consumption up to 10W. DDR3 memory up to 4GB with ECC support.

Industrial -40-85C operating specifications. All components soldered on board providing extreme resistance to impact and vibration for mission critical applications. Optional conformal coating for marine or wet/humid environments.

Fastwel CPC310

The CPC310 incorporates 2x LVDS, 2x LAN 10/100/1000, 4x USB, 1x Serial ATA port, 4x Serial (RS232, RS422/485) and 1x LPT parallel, 8x separately programmed digital I/O lines, PS/2 keyboard and mouse port and connector for CFast drives.

The CPC310 incorporates a 32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus supporting up to 3x bus master devices and a 16-bit 8MHz ISA bus allows compatibility with most PC/104 modules and DDMA, ISA, IRQ support.

Integrated video controller with 3D/2D acceleration enables direct operation with a standard analog monitor connected via VGA and digital TFT panels using LVDS connectors.

The PC/104-Plus specification establishes a standard for high speed PCI bus for embedded applications in an industry standard PC/104 form factor allowing fast data transfer over PCI bus, low cost due to PC/104 self-stacking and high reliability due to PC/104 inherent ruggedness. The module’s form-factor is the same as PC/104 meaning PC/104-Plus can be said to be PC/104 form-factor compliant.

Fastwel offers a full range of accessory modules to handle a wide range of mission critical applications. PC/104-Plus modules — Communication and Navigation Module (CNM350) and Graphics Co-Processor Module (VIM301). PC/104 modules — Field Bus Module (NIM351), Analog and Digital I/O Module (AIC324) and Digital I/O Module with Galvanic Isolation (DIC324).
The CPC310 supports Linux 3.8, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7/8 and QNX 6.х.

About Fastwel

Fastwel is a leading global supplier of mission critical board and system level products in the industrial and embedded computing marketplace. Founded in 1997, Fastwel is a wholly owned subsidiary of ProSoft, a large multi-national corporation based in Eastern Europe. Our mission is to provide high consistency of product quality, complemented by the finest continuity of supply, support and value in the industry – to include an industry first three year warranty. We’re here to help with every stage of your project, from a standard product, to complete OEM and ODM custom services.

We design, develop and manufacture long life board level products for the military, aerospace, security telecom and transportation applications, providing EN50155 compliant products for railway and rolling infrastructure. Includes PC/104, Compact PCI, VME, Computer-on-Module, MicroPC, 3.5” and Mini-ITX platforms, focusing on -40C-85C extended operating temperature applications. Our system level products include Panel PCs, All-in-One, PCs, Tablet Computers, On-Board Automatic Control Systems, Digital Video Servers and Inter-Communication Equipment.

Fastwel is an ISO certified company having both 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 certifications, allowing us to offer products with a 7+ year production life cycle guarantee. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) complies with ISO 14001 standards. We are committed to provide green products that are compliant with WEEE and RoHS legislation. Fastwel is a proud member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, taking great pride in our innovation, integrity and passion, as the cornerstone of our culture and our business approach with customers and partners.

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