NAND flash storage solutions overview

Dear readers, here’s a brief overview* of the most recent, innovative and curious NAND flash storage solutions, including iSLC technology, data erasing solutions and the latest development by Micron&Intel — 3D NAND Flash solution. The overview is based on a presentation by Noud Bertens, Innodisk, during the Telerex event (Breda, the Netherlands, 14/10/2015) where Fastwel has been invited as as special guest.

*Fastwel and Innodisk are system partners in the field of embedded flash storage. A range of rugged CPU modules in CPCI, PC104, StackPC form-factors, manufactured by Fastwel, comes with Innodisk memory products.

iSLC — a new approach to Single Level Cell technology.

iSLC is a new, cost efficient, but at the same time effective solution. iSLC provides high performance with 30000 Program Erase Cycles and the Initial data retention period of 10 years. This is 10 times more effective than the MLC solution, with a price up to 50% lower than a standard SLC solution.

Data erasing — 3 security measures:

  • QErase —  data is being mixed and erased by pressing a button — this mechanical solution is simple and allows to remove the data quickly.
  • Security erase — The data is being mixed and overwritten with non-existent data.
  • Destroy function- 28V additional power is applied sequentially to each of the memory cell, which causes their immediate self destruction by simply burning.

3D Xpoint

3D Xpoint is a new, 3D NAND flash solution, being developed by Micron and Intel, with a release planned in 2016. It is a promising technology  indeed, which appears to be 1000 times faster and 10 times denser than an ordinary NAND. More details in a video:

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