Space CompactPCI Serial — a new working group to extend specification.

Dear readers, I’d like to share some industry news with you. This autumn, a new working group, «Space CompactPCI Serial» was launched in order to adjust the current CompactPCI Serial specification to the particular requirements for space applications by creating a sub-standard. The sub-committee was initiated by PICMG member companies and well-known industry leaders, such as Airbus Defense & Space, Thales Alenia Space, and STI Spacetech and assembled by Manfred Schmitz, CEO of MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH.

The new technical PICMG sub-committee «Space CompactPCI Serial» is aiming to . Space CompactPCI Serial will add the Spacewire interface for external communications and Serial Rapid I/O for high speed, deterministic board-to-board communications. The fault detection, high availability,  and environmental requirements will also be taken into account. The standard is to remain simple and understandable and to guarantee a maximum of interoperability between bus slots and boards.

Space CompactPCI Serial Headed Working Group

 CompactPCI has a long success history in space applications, from the famous «Curiosity» Mars rover to satellite control, and scientific tasks in the ISS. CompactPCI Serial base specification already has the mechanical and conduction cooling technologies needed for space already defined and in place, according to John Pavlat, the president of PICMG consortium ( .

Therefore, Space CompactPCI Serial is a logical step in the industry evolution, based on implementation of successful high tech solutions in highly sophisticated and demanding market,  also resulting in significant cost reductions.

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