Updates for Stackable PC/104 specification from PC104 Consortium

Hot news for PC104 designers and users! Here is a recent article on a fresh, effective and cost-efficient solution for PC/104 boards, called «OneBank». This additional option allows designers to free additional space on the PCI/104 boards, while remaining compatible with the various form-factors. Read more of the article, originally published by Jeff Milde, Executive Director of the PC/104 Consortium.

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Success factors for embedded hardware development — Faster, Higher, Stronger

«Citius, Altius, Fortius» — states the Olympic games motto, which means Faster, Higher, Stronger. Those words are not just a beautiful slogan, known by everyone! For Fastwel those are the key success factors for the development of embedded hardware for mission-critical applications.

  • Faster adjustment to the constantly changing circumstances. In a highly competitive rugged electronics market environment, the one who adjusts better — wins. Offering not only the standard products and form-factors, but those new (StackPC) which combine the innovative approach to industrial electronics development and the proven reliability of “wheelhorses” (PC/104), is important.
  • Higher quality standards. To stand out in the field of mission critical applications, one needs to have the highest quality standards. Fastwel products perform the extreme resistance to Shocks\Vibrations\Humidity and an extended temperature range (from -40 to -85 degrees).
  • Stronger links with clients and partners. In a highly competitive environment only strong relationships, based on trust, can lead to success. Fastwel closely works with our long-term partners to provide the best quality products and the most customized support to clients.

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Conduction cooling solutions for rugged computers, optimal for harsh environments.

 This post covers the use of conduction cooling techniques in stackable and modular systems. Under which conditions such systems are most commonly used? Is it possible to create customized systems, yet compliant to industry standards? How conduction cooling is applied in stackable and modular systems?

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