BioSmart PV-WTC Palm Vein Terminal

BioSmart PV-WTC Palm Vein Terminal

    Users, cards* 1 million
    Users, card + palm or pin + palm 300 000
    Users, palms** Up to 2 500
    Smart cards 1 million
    Palm vein templates Up to 300 000
    Logged events 1 million
    Time schedules 250
    Match time (1:1000) in local mode, by palms < 2 sec.
    FAR (False Acceptance Rate)*** 0,00008 %
    Palm vein sensor type Near-infrared
    Smart card reader MIFARE Classic/DESFire®
    Reading range for smart cards Up to 100 mm (3.94 in.)
    Screen type TFT, 3.5”, 320 x 240
    Keypad Touch, 12 buttons
    Communication USB, TCP/IP
    Wi-Fi Optional
    ZFlex Relay Module support Yes
    WIEGAND I/O Output, 26/32 bits
    Discrete inputs 1
    Door strike relay 12V, 1A
    Tamper switch 1 – case opening
    1 – taking device off the wall
    Power requirements 12V±15%, 1A
    PoE (Power over Ethernet) Yes, IEEE 802.3af
    Operating temperature 0 … +50°C (32 ... 122 F)
    Housing type Plastic, wall mount
    Dust and water resistance IP54
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 215 x 150 x 117 mm (8.46 x 5.91 x 4.61 in)
    Weight Net: 820 g, gross 1270 g
    Certification CE, RoHS2
    Warranty 3 years


    Sales & technical support

    The BioSmart PV-WTC terminal is a convenient and reliable device for use in time attendance and access control solutions, delivering the advantages of palm vein recognition technology. It can also control a door strike, EM lock, or a turnstile directly or via ZFlex Relay Module for a higher level of security.

    Palm vein diagrams offer greater uniqueness when compared to other biometric features, providing higher levels of security. The large scanning area means that the system’s sensor can recognize palm vein images whether the hands scanned are dirty, wet, or scarred. It supports identification of up to 300K users in palm + card or palm + pin modes.

    The device supports English, German, French, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, and Russian languages. Additional languages are available on request.

    Operation of the BioSmart PV-WTC palm vein terminal is based on the technology of palm vein recognition using near-infrared light. Blood depleted of oxygen, at 760 nm of wave length, has larger light absorption factor compared to the living tissues. Thanks to this effect, hidden and normally not visible veins, become recognizable. It makes possible fast, accurate and convenient user identification.


    • Solidly built housing with IP65 water and dust protection
    • Support of pure standalone mode with local enrolment
    • Extreme accuracy and secure identification
    • Forging is next to impossible
    • Method is non-intrusive and works with almost any person of any age

    Access Control Functionality

    • Multi-access mode (two authorized employees have to be present at once)
    • Escort mode (visitor + authorized employee)
    • Interlock (gateway) mode
    • Duress palm
    • Anti-passback
    • Access zones
    • Intercom and/or camera


    • Up to 1M users, 300K palm templates
    • Match in less than 2 seconds for 1 000 users
    • Standalone (with local enrollment) or network modes
    • Integration with third-party software via XML and query server
    • Multi-lingual interface
    • Wiegand 26/32 bits
    • Color TFT screen
    • Durable and easily replaceable touch keypad

    Optional Configurations

    • Integrated camera
    • Intercom
    • HID Prox/iClass/iClass SE (13.56 MHz) smart card reader
    • Legic Prime/Advant (13.56 MHz) smart card reader
    • EM Marin (125 kHz) smart card reader


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