PV-TS Turnstile Palm Vein Reader

PV-TS Turnstile Palm Vein Reader

    Scanner of palm veins Infrared
    Scanning range 40-60 mm
    Integrated RFID card reader Em-marin
    Read range for cards Up to 100 mm
    Communication interface USB 2.0
    Maximum length of USB interface 5 m
    Case opening sensor Yes
    Power supply 12V±15%, 0,4 A
    Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
    Case type Laid-on plastic
    Type of installation Turnistile
    Dimensions (W x L x H) 170x145x115 mm
    Weight Net: 800 g; gross: 875 g
    Warranty 3 years


    Sales & technical support

    The BioSmart PV-WM reader is designed for user identification by unique biometric structural features of human palm subcutaneous veins RFID cards. It connects to BioSmart UniPass controller via USB interface Operation of the BioSmart PV-WM reader. The BioSmart PV-WM reader is designed for a turnstile installation.


    Operation of BioSmart PV-TS reader is based on the technique of palm image generation in IR light of a certain wave length. Blood depleted of oxygen possesses a larger IR radiation absorption factor as compared to the living tissue of a palm. Thanks to this effect, veins hidden under cutaneous tissue become visible when scanned in IR range of the spectrum. Produced vein pattern is unique for each person, and the system uses it for further identification.


    • contact-free identification;
    • falsification impossible (palm vein pattern is not recognizable);
    • identification does not depend on palms being dry/wet and dirty;
    • low error rate;
    • high reliability;
    • convenient use.

    Optional Configurations

    • integrated card reader for the proximity cards in Mifare standard;
    • integrated card reader for the proximity cards in HID iClass, HID Prox standards;
    • integrated card reader for the proximity cards in Legic standard.


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