Embedded World 2016 Trade Fair

The Embedded World Trade Fair is the largest international Forum, devoted to embedded systems. This year the trade show will be held from February 23 through 25, in Nurnberg Exhibition Centre, as usual.

Fastwel, as a frequenter of this event, would be happy to see its customers and the newcomers in the same Booth 309, Hall 1 located right in front of the Mitte Entrance.

Why Reasons to visit Fastwel booth this year?

First, we will demonstrate our rugged single-board computers in PC/104, StackPC, CPCI Serial standards, as well as COM-Express modules based on Bay Trail, BroadWell CPUs. They could be attractive for engineers and system integrators who design new long-life cycle platforms, suitable for operation in harsh environments (extended temperature range, high humidity, salty mists , and high level of shock vibration). One of Fastwel’s know-hows – use of polymetallic heatsinks, which enable to increase the efficiency of conduction heat-removal by more than 25%.


  • CPC1302 - Mezzanine COM Express Basic Intel BroadWell-H 47W CPU Module is used mainly as a compute core (which also has a wide range of I/O interfaces), while building real-time systems, onboard systems, security and communication tools, production control and high-speed data acquisition equipment as well as for other mission critical applications.

  • CPC310 is a single-board computer in PC/104-Plus format based on Intel E38xx. The device is designed for embedded applications that require high performance and low power consumption.

  • VIM556 - 3U CompactPCI Graphics Controller Module is suitable for carrying out high-performance multithread calculations and transferring high-resolution graphic data to several displays simultaneously.

  • KIC551 and KIC552 3U CompactPCI Serial PCIe/GB Ethernet and PCI Express Switchboards are backbone modules for generation of multiprocessor systems.

Second, for those clients looking for the opportunities to upgrade their existing systems, Fastwel Team offers a wide range of proven wheelhorses made in PC104, CPCI, COM, EPIC and other standards.


  • СPC510 – 3U CompactPCI Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Module is designed for the use in real-time systems of high-speed processing and acquisition of data. It became widely used due to a good set of interfaces: 2XDisplayPorts, 2xGbEhternet, 2xUSB2.0 (routed to the front panel), PCI, PCIe Gen2, SATA, USB (routed to the backplane)

  • CPC308 -  PC/104-Plus Intel Atom N450/D510 single-board computer with integrated graphics and a wide range of communication interfaces, which makes it possible to use it as a base for building the systems of various applications.

  • CPC309 - PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based single-board computer with StackPC expansion connector. In addition to the interfaces provided by StackPC connector (4x1 PCI_Express, 6xUSB 2.0, 2xSATA II, 2xRS232, LPC, SMBus, Ethernet), the board is equipped with VGA, LVDS and RS232 connectors.

  • CPB907 - Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10.

This year Fastwel will also demonstrate its new expertise and know-hows in the field of HPEC (High performance embedded computing) based on CPCI Serial CPU and peripheral modules. Today, Fastwel modules enable building high-performance multiprocessor heterogeneous computer systems, with support of interaction between computers through the widely-used and cost-effective Fiber Optics connection.

Primary contact: Denis Zhiltsov, Head of International Sales Department

Nuremberg, Exhibition Center, Hall 1, booth 309
23.02.2016 - 25.02.2016