StackPC-PCI Power Supply Module PS352



The Power Supply Module PS352 is a board in StackPC-PCI form-factor and is a follow-up of the range of Fastwel StackPC modules.

2_fastwel.jpg PS352 can be used within the system with PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) for supplying power to the modules via PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, where power is supplied over Ethernet data transfer lines. PS352 is designed for the use in harsh environments.

Main purpose of PS352 is to build the system in StackPC format based on NIM354 Network Embedded Module and with support of PoE technology.

2.jpgThe structure of PS352-01 enables to connect it to StackPC modules.

In the following figure, you can see NIM354 module ready-fitted with the Power Supply Module PS352. The power is supplied from PS352-01 module to NIM354 via a separate cable.


  • Power supply voltage: 10 V – 36 V;

  •  Output voltage: 48 V ± 5 %;

  • „ Module consumption without load: 2.4 W;

  • „ Maximum output power: 75 W;

  • „ Rated efficiency factor: 88%;

  • „ Galvanic insulation input/output: 1500 V;

  • „ Galvanic insulation of StackPC-PCI interfaces from input/output: 1500 V;

  • „ Overload and overheating protection;

  • „ Operating temperature range: from - 40°С to + 85°С.

Stability of PS352 operation enables to use it in every industrial application. Components, which are the basis for PS352 Module, were thoroughly selected using their criteria of applicability in embedded systems. This improves the reliability of PS352, which makes it fit for use in long-life cycle systems.