Module COM Express СРС1302 – More Power, More Capabilities


Fastwel launches its new high-performance computer module CPC1302 based on the Intel 5th Generation CPUs (“Broadwell”).

The module is implemented in the standard COM Express Basic Type 6 format. This new product is designed for developers of non-standard high-performance computers for operation under conditions of severe climatic and/or shock and vibration loads. The advantages of using the COM Express modules in series products over single-board computers of standard form-factors is that they are 100% comply with customer’s requirements, budget effectiveness and long life span of the solution.

СРС1302 provides developers of the embedded systems with high performance Intel Core i7-5850EQ CPUs 2.7Ghz 5th Gen. 37W equipped with the integrated graphics engine and the most up-to-date set of functionalities - PCIe x 16, 7xPCIe x 1, eDP/LVDS, VGA, 4хSATA III, 8хUSB 2.0, 4хUSB 3.0, 1хGbEthernet.

All the module interfaces are routed to the standard two-row high-density connectors. СРС1302 along with mezzanine is installed onto the carrier-board and is safely fixed by several racks. On the carrier-board, developer places both the standard connectors for СРС1302 interfaces and additional hardware solutions, implementing the functionalities required from the computer. In the event the end customer changes requirements, this design makes it possible to simply change the carrier-board, which would be much faster than making corrections within the complex СОМ-module. If it is necessary to increase solution’s performance or change a discontinued product, changing the СОМ-module would be enough.

The module is equipped with soldered 8 GB RAM and SSD with 16 GB, which makes СРС1302 fully self-sustainable for installation of both modern operating systems (Linux 3.8, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7/8, QNX 6.х) and application software, as well as provides high resistance of the device to shock and vibration loads.

СРС1302 is supplied with the pre-installed heat-spreading plate. This makes it possible either to remove heat directly to the enclosure of the designed device or install an additional heatsink on the top. The module is supplied with conformal coating on request. Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +85°С.

Fastwel has already developed the compact carrier-board that supports StackPC extension modules compatible with the enclosure of МК300 Box PC.

Using CPUs from Intel line of embedded products provides our customers with long-term availability of CPC1302 – up to 10 years (standard) and even more under a separate agreement.