Multipurpose Digital I/O Module DIC324


DIC324 digital I/O module is implemented in PC/104+ format.

The module can be used for measuring signal frequency (duration) and signal phases, performing counting and timer operations, accelerating logical and arithmetic operations, generating PWM signals, converting codes, controlling alphanumeric display devices, generating control timer charts and hardware event interrupts at inputs. These functionalities can be achieved due to the use of the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), which makes it possible to change processing algorithm of inputs and outputs without changing topology.

DIC324 has 16 channels of isolated digital input and 8 channels of isolated digital output. Electrical parameters of the module are similar to those of DIC122 and DIC123 modules, made in MicroPC format.

The module ensures two-wire or single-wire (with common ground) connection of channels. Input of the “dry contact” type signals is possible with the use of an external (up to 52 V) power supply source.

The module’s design has a possibility to develop its own configurations (firmware) of FPGA. Module’s hardware and software enable to program user FPGA configuration directly within the system using ISA bus. In this case it would be possible both to directly program FPGA itself (the configuration will not be saved in case of power loss), and to program boot EEPROM (FPGA configuration will be automatically booted from ЕЕPRОМ at power on).

By default, the module is supplied with a base version of input processing circuit “hardwired” into the FPGA. The basic configuration is a device for shaping event interrupts with a programmable de-bouncing of contacts and a 16-channel frequency meter.

All components of DIC324 are soldered to the board, which makes the board highly resistant to shock and vibration loads. Optionally, the module can be supplied with a conformal coating. Operating temperature range of DIC324:  from -40°C to +85°С.