СОМ-ports – Something You Just Can’t Get Enough of


Fastwel has developed NIM151 multiport module of serial interfaces. In terms of its functionality this new product is similar to the well-known Octagon Systems 5554 and 5558 modules, but is made on the basis of the up-to-date hardware components.

NIM151 module is implemented in the MicroPC standard and is designed for the arrangement of serial RS232/RS422/RS485/UART interfaces. The module can be used with any CPU board or MCU of the MicroPC standard.

4x - (NIM151-01) and 8x- (NIM151-02) channel versions of NIM151 module are fully compatible in terms of signal connections and control with Octagon Systems 5554 and 5558 serial interfaces modules with 4x and 8x ports respectively. NIM151 modules, in the same manner as 5554 and 5558 modules, are intended for the joint use with any CPU boards of MicroPC standard, for the fulfillment of various application tasks. In addition, they could also be used as part of the IBM-compatible computers.

NIM151 is essential is a great tool for the tasks requiring a large number of peripherals to be connected via serial interfaces. A single module could handle up to several hundreds of such subscribers. 64-byte FIFO-buffers of transmitter-receiver units minimize the load ratio of the CPU board.

The device supports operation in devices under the following operating systems: FDOS, FreeDOS, Windows XP Embedded, Linux 2.6.

NIM151 ensures performance in the following operating temperature range – from -40° to + 85°С,

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