CPC520 3U CompactPCI Plus I/O (PICMG 2.30) CPU Module


At the end of 2020, we’ve got the first testing samples of CPC520 3U CPCI PICMG 2.30 CPU Module, which was to replace another popular model – CPC508 3U CompactPCI Plus I/O (PICMG 2.30) CPU module. The new device is primarily aimed at those customers who have already used the CompactPCI I/O (PICMG2.30) processor modules with their solutions.

This is the first module built on the AMD Ryzen Embedded processor, which includes 8 graphics cores along with 4 processor cores. 2 DP interfaces for connecting 4K displays are routed to the front panel of the module. 8GB DDR4 RAM of CPC520, 2 x Ethernet ports with data transfer rates of up to 1 GB, 2 x USB 3.0 ports and a 16 GB SSD drive are part of this modern computer. This module would be a perfect choice for creating medium and large real-time Process Control Systems and machine vision systems. In addition to industrial automation, the CPC520-based solutions can be used in medical imaging systems, displaying advertising and information content in shopping centers, train stations, and airports.