New 6U CompactPCI Serial Intel Coffee Lake-Based CPU Module


The CPC505 CPU Module is implemented in the standard 6U CompactPCI Serial format and is aimed at the use with industrial- and transport-grade automatic control systems (ACS). The module uses new Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh processors based on the 14nm technology and are intended for embedded systems. These processors, along with their high performance, ensure the heat dissipation of only 25 watts, which makes a great pick for embedded systems with specific heat dissipation requirements.

The mass production covers two base models: the one is based on 6-core Xeon E-2276ML with the clock frequency of 2 GHz and the other one is based on a 4-core Core i3-9100HL with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz.

The module is equipped with 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM. The capacity of the soldered SATA III solid-state drive in the new modification of the CPC505 module has been increased to 32 GB, which makes it possible for the developers to use the latest versions of embedded operating systems.

Each processor has the Intel® UHD Graphics P630 GPU with 3 x cores, supports a base clock of 350 MHz and output of image with resolution of 4096x2160@30Hz simultaneously to 3 monitors.

All the microchips of the CPC505 module are soldered onboard, which makes the device resistant to high-level vibration and shock loads and enables their use in the onboard applications with various means of transportation.

The module can use two mezzanines of the XMC / PMC standard, which enables you creating flexible system configurations that best meet the needs of system integrators.

The module is recommended for new developments as a more advanced and powerful replacement for the CPC503 module, which has found use in a wide range of data acquisition and control tasks. CPC505 has a similar set of front panel interfaces and is compatible with the RIO587 Rear I/O Module.

The CPC505 module is manufactured in two climatic versions - commercial (0 .. + 70 °C) and industrial (–40 .. + 85 ° C) version.