Popular Fanless IРС-SYS8FN with Power Redundancy Is Now Available as a Refresh


The AdvantiX company (powered by Fastwel) has released an updated version of the popular 1U fanless IPC-SYS8FN. High performance, low power consumption, lack of noise from fans and redundant power supply are the most outstanding distinguishing features of the IРС-SYS8FN2 model. Despite its compact size, the device has a decent set of expansion slots and is suitable for installation in unmanned facilities.

Now the computer is equipped with a high-performance modern Intel ® Core ™ i7-9700TE processor (1.8/3.8 GHz, 12MB, 8x cores) or with any other Intel Core processor of the 8th or 9th generation with a LGA1151 socket and a TDP of up to 35 watts.

Two solid-state SATA drives or hard disk drives are installed into an external hot-swappable 2.5” drive bay. In order to connect it to the network, the new AdvantiX (powered by Fastwel) computer has two independent Gigabit Ethernet adapters. The IRS-SYS8FN2 also has a full set of necessary I/O ports: 4x USB 3.1 on the rear panel, 2x USB 2.0 on the front panel, 3x DisplayPort ports with Triple Head support, up to 4x COM ports (2x RS232 and 2x RS232/422/485) and audio jacks. In addition, the device has a full-size PCIe x16 expansion slot, two M. 2 storage slots, and an mPCIe slot.

Depending on the version, the computer can be powered either from a 220 V AC power supply or from an external DC power supply source with a voltage from 9 to 36 V. One of the most striking features of this computer is that it can be manufactured with a redundant power supply unit with an appropriate indication, which significantly improves reliability and allows it to be used in various mission-critical applications. In which case, the both AC and DC options are available for the redundant power supply unit version.

Same as with the other AdvantiX (powered by Fastwel) products, the IPC-SYS8FN2 can be ordered with either a standard operating temperature range from +5 to +40°C or an extended operating temperature range from - 40°C to +70°C (DC version).