OPC server for Controller Area Network

CAN OPC Server

Fastwel CAN OPC Server is a Windows application providing OPC Data Access interface for Control Area Network (CAN) devices. The current version of the OPC Server can access CAN networks using CAN adapters by PEAK Systems Technik (via PCAN-Light programming interface) and IXXAT (via VCI V2.16 programming interface).

Fastwel CAN OPC Server can be used in CAN networks that utilize any user specific real-time data exchange protocol based on broadcast communication mechanism, and supports the following types of communication objects defined by DS-301 CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile specification:

  • RxPDO - input communication object received by OPC server from a CAN network
  • TxPDO - output communication object sent by OPC server to a CAN network
  • SYNC - synchronization telegram sent by OPC server to initiate the synchronized data exchange cycle in a CAN network
  • RTR data acquisition is not yet supported

Fastwel CAN OPC Server supports OPC Data Access 2.0 specification and can be used with various HMI/SCADA packages.

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    Windows application providing OPC Data Access interface for CAN

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