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BioSmart-Studio v5 Software, server + 1 workstation

BioSmart-Studio v5 SW is designed to control, monitor and configure BioSmart ACS, track work time, monitor and save system events. 


- registration of users in the BioSmart ACS, entering personal data, registration card codes, enrollment of fingerprints and palm veins;
- administration of access scenarios, time access modes;
- review and creation of reports on the archived events, event search;
- task planner (sending SMS and e-mail messages about events within the system, scenario of ACS devices operation, automatic report creation and sending them via e-mail);
- export of logs and reports in xls, pdf, html formats;
- division access by powers (access to subdivisions) and roles (functionality restriction).

BioSmart-Studio v5 Expansion Module

Additional 50 users

BioSmart-Studio v5 SW is activated by a license key. Number of users and expansion modules, activated by license, are written into the key.

Additional 100 users
Additional 500 users
Additional 1 000 users
Additional 2 000 users
Additional 10 000 users

NetWork Expansion Module


Additional workplace

BioSmart NetWork expansion module manages simultaneous connections to the BioSmart server from multiple working places. Every work place has all the functionality activated by license key. 


- system management from a remote workplace;
- event monitoring from a remote workplace;
- obtain work time reports from a remote workplace;
- division of access right to the BioSmart-Studio v5 applications.

2 additional workplaces
5 additional workplaces
10 additional workplaces
50 additional workplaces
100 additional workplaces

WorkTime Expansion Module

The BioSmart WorkTime software is designed for calculation of work time spent by employees on the premises.
It has wide functionality in generation and adjustment of necessary calculation patterns of work time registration. 


- statistics on accesses to objects;
- statistics of passage/movement of personnel;
- flextime account with various degrees of details;
- reports on late arrivals and early leavings, absences by employee or by group of employees;
- creation of report templates in report designer without programming;
- flexible export/import system, supporting of data exchange with another SW for managerial accounting;
- exporting reports into xls, pdf, html, odf formats.

BioSmart Biometric Identification Server Expansion module


Up to 1 000 users

The BioSmart Biometric Identification Server expansion module allows to use processing power of the server for identification based on large databases of fingerprints.

Principle of Operation
A user puts his/her finger or card on the reader of a biometric terminal or controller.
The device will do necessary data processing and send the request to the identification server via Ethernet local server.
The server will perform search of the user by the request received.
The result is delivered to the controller that performs identification and handling of a relay according to the identification result.

Up to 2 000 users
Up to 3 000 users
Up to 5 000 users
Up to 10 000 users

Monitoring Expansion module


The monitoring expansion module is designed for review and analysis of BioSmart ACS events in real time. It allows for the arrangement a workspace for a sentry or a security man. 

Basic functions

- event monitoring according to passes and alarm events in real time;
- mapping of a dynamic mimic panel of the object;
- manual control of relays; integration of video surveillance.

Card Designer Expansion module


The “Card Designer” expansion module is designed for the creation of pass templates for RFID cards in graphic form and printing by a printer.
Passes can be issued to employees or visitors of the entity.


- creation and printing of a graphic template of a pass;
- creation of original passes for each employee or subdivision by template;
- possibility of selection of font, colour, or graphic execution of the pass;
- possibility of matching an employee’s photo.

Technical Support


Technical support for BioSmart-Studio v5 software, 1 year, per device.