Micro PC is an embedded industry standart for building reliable PC-compatible systems for control and data acquisition. Modular design, high reliability and robustness make Micro PC excellent choice for system integrators.

MicroPC CPU boards MicroPC CPU boards

Wide functionality and high reliability of these processor modules make them an ideal choice for industrial, transportation, and municipal engineering automation systems developers. Ethernet, CAN and standard PC interfaces support accelerates control systems development and implementation.

Micro PC DIO modules Micro PC DIO modules

DI32-5/DO32 modules are designed to connect discrete isolated inputs/outputs to the system.

Micro PC card cages Micro PC card cages

Cost-effective and multiposition ICC card cages allow to combine up to 12 MicroPC boards of different types in one system. High mechanical reliability and easy mounting make these cages suitable for most applications.

Micro PC Power Supply Modules Micro PC Power Supply Modules

MicroPC power supply modules for use in unmanned systems operating in hardtoreach areas in extreme environments.

Interface Modules Interface Modules

The modules are designed to be used in systems requiring data exchange via RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / UART interfaces