COM Express

COM Express, a computer-on-module (COM) form factor, is a highly integrated and compact PC that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component.


CPB907 CPB907 - Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10

Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10, 55 x 84 mm. Designed for building highly-reliable energy-efficient embedded systems with small dimensions.

CPC1310 CPC1310 - COM Express Intel Atom N450/D510 based module

Embedded COM Express Basic module with additional connector (ISA, Ethernet, GPIO)

CPC1311 CPC1311 - COM Express® mini (Type 10) Intel Atom E38хх based CPU Module

The mezzanine CPU-module COM Express mini, Type 10, 55x84 mm is designed for building of highly reliable embedded power-efficient systems with compact sizes.

CPC1302 CPC1302 - Mezzanine COM Express Basic Intel BroadWell-H 47W CPU Module

CPC 1302 Mezzanine COM Express Basic CPU Module is compatible with the x86 family. CPC1302 is used mainly as a compute core (which also has a wide range of I/O interfaces) while building real-time systems, onboard systems, security and communication tools, production control and high-speed data acquisition equipment as well as for other mission critical applications, designed for operation in harsh environments.