3U CompactPCI

3U CompactPCI solutions, having all the advantages of modular systems, are distinguished by their compact size and high resistance to such environmental factors as vibration and shocks. Therefore such solutions are especially popular in transport, in special purpose systems and mobile measuring systems designed for various applications.

6U CompactPCI

6U CompactPCI solutions are widely used in telecommunications sector, industrial automation, machine-tool industry and other industrial fields. Adjusted PICMG standards, well-proven technologies of using batch data transmission through Ethernet network (PICMG 2.16) and the hot swap (PICMG 2.1), together with an extensive set of peripheral boards, chassis, backplanes and power supply units produced by a large number of manufacturers, enable to quickly and efficiently build various purpose systems based on 6U СompactPCI.

CompactPCI Family Evolution

Interconnects of data exchange between the modules within the system

Standards Interconnects of data exchange between the modules within the system
PCI 32 bit PCI 64 bit

Switch slot
(6U only)

PCI Express

mesh topology

   1x master
up to 7x periphery slots
   1x master up to 7x peripheral slots
PICMG 2.16
   2x 10/100/1000 ports
Base-T Ethernet
PICMG 2.16
   1x master up to 7 peripheral slots 4x channels 1x
PCI Express
5 GHz
   2x ports 10/100/1000
Base-T Ethernet
   4x USB 2.0 ports    4x
SATA 300 channels
PICMG 2.16
   2x ports
Base-T Ethernet
(6U only)
   2x channels x8,
6x channels x4,
to PCI Express
8 GHz
   8x ports 10/100/1000/10-
Gigabit Ethernet
   8x USB 2.0 ports,
8x USB 3.0 ports
8x SATA channels
600 MB/sec

Cross-compatibility of CompactPCI modules of various standards

System controllers Peripheral and coprocessor modules
PCIMG 2.0 (32 бит) PCIMG 2.0 (64 бит) PICMG 2.16 PICMG cPCI-S
(32 bit)
   Yes    No
(64 bit)
   Yes    Yes    No
PICMG 2.16    Yes    No
PICMG 2.30    Yes    No    Yes,
but with limitations
PICMG cPCI-S    Implementation is available
in customized
   Implementation is available
in customized
   Yes, for 6U only    Yes

C-PCI Application Summary

CPC512 CPU module is a highly integrated 3U CPCI Serial solution for the use in real-time, automation control, high-speed data acquisition and processing systems
KIC552 Interface Module represents a 3U Compact PCI switchboard of PCI Express interface and is designed for mission critical applications.
VIM556 3U CompactPCI Graphics Controller Module is designed for using as part of the 3U CompactPCI Serial embedded computing systems and is intended for output of graphic information to the display via DisplayPort interface.

Fastwel CPC503 CPU module is a highly integrated x86compatible solution in 6U cPCI format.

CPC506 is a PICMG 2.30 (CompactPCI® PlusIO) compliant 3U module based on Intel Сore 2 Duo CPUs (from long term manufacturing program) operating at up to 2.2 GHz with 4 MB level 2 cache, featuring 800 MHz system bus and 965GME/ICH8M chipset.

CPC508 is a PICMG 2.30 "CompactPCI Plus" compliant 3U module based on Intel® Atom™ N450 or D510 and ICH8M chipset. Due to the low power architecture of the Intel® Atom™ processor, the CPU card has a low power consumption and high performance.