Embedded CPU boards in various form-factors for harsh environment and mission-critical applications

CompactPCI CompactPCI

CompactPCI form-factor is the best solution for mission critical applications in various markets from aerospace to telecommunications. Fastwel CPU boards' functionality and reliability meet world standards and customers' growing demands.

PC/104 PC/104

PC/104 solutions are one of the most reliable in the embedded world. Due to their ruggedness developers can really benefit from using PC/104 modules.


EPIC standard is most promising among embedded solutions. It combines best features of PC/104 and 5.25" form factors. Fastwel offers EPIC high-performance solutions based on Intel Pentium M CPU.

3,5" 3,5"

3,5" is the most compact standard form factor for embedded SBCs. Fastwel' products are fanless, robust and have wide range of functions on a very small footprint.

Computer-on-modules Computer-on-modules

Computer-on-modules (COMs) are designed to be used as mezzanine cards, mounted on application specific baseboard. COMs usage allows to reduce system development time and provides flexibility in choosing required functionality of embedded computer: CPU speed, memory size, set of interfaces etc.

Micro PC Micro PC

Micro PC is an embedded industry standart for building reliable PC-compatible systems for control and data acquisition. Modular design, high reliability and robustness make Micro PC excellent choice for system integrators.


OpenVXP ANSI/VITA 46 is the form-factor for the high-performance onboard systems for signal acquisition, digital processing and real-time. 

End of life products End of life products

This section contains information about the End of Life products which have a limited availability and are to be discontinued within a certain period of time. Please discuss your special requirements for these products with our managers.