The StackPC Specification defines new approach to design and development of stackable systems. The specification includes all valuable heritage of PC/104 standards along with the new features of StackPC connector.

Key Competitive Distinction of StackPC Form-Factor

New system approach

  • Stack Up Only
  • Communication interfaces support through the stack connector
  • Minimization of wired connections
  • High-speed PCIe x1, x4 expansion buses support

Compatibility with other Stackable Specifications

  • Compatibility with PCIe/104 and PC/104-Express connectors
  • Compatibility with PCI/104

Ruggedized system development

  • Possibility to use the PC/104, EPIC, EBX, 3,5” systems enclosures
  • Easy design of custom rugged enclosures
  • Unified approach to heat-spreaders design

COM-type application of StackPC modules

  • StackPC modules can be used as COM-modules in the way specified by COM-Express PICMG COM.0
  • Easy to design StackPC carrier board
  • The peripheral modules can be placed between StackPC COM-module and carrier board

StackPC Connector

Target Applications

CPC309 is a singleboard computer in StackPC format. In addition to the standard StackPC* interfaces it has VGA, LVDS and RS232, soldered NAND Flash and soldered RAM.
StackPC-PCI Interface Module
Power Supply Module PS353 is designed for the use in highly reliable self-sustained modular computing systems based on StackPC or PC/104 standards with low power consumption.

In the present case study the consideration is given to the system of high-accuracy detection of locomotives location, with the help of GLONASS/GPS.