PC/104 CPU boards

Fastwel PC/104 CPU boards are full-functional powerful platforms for harsh environments.


  CPU RAM Field USB 2.0 Ethernet Video ISA 16_bit
PCI 32_bit
CPC307  DM&P Vortex86DX
600 MHz
2×RS_485/422 isolated
4 1 FE - + + 2 SD, IDE
CPC309  Intel Atom D510
1.66 GHz
2 GB
2×RS-232 8 (6 channels
routed to StackPC*
2GE (routed to
VGA and
- + CF, SATA
CPC310  Intel Atom E3825 (Dual Core)/ E3815 (Single Core) DDR3L ECC SDRAM Up To 4GB (Soldered) 2 x rs-232, 2 x RS-485/422 4 2GE VGA and LVDS + + CF, SATA
CPC313  Baikal-T1 1,2 GHz DDR3-1600 SDRAM 4 GB with ECC support (soldered) 2×RS-232 4×USB 2.0 1×10 Gigabit Ethernet
2xGigabit Ethernet
(routed to StackPC connector)
VGA (1920×1080, 50 GHz)
LVDS (1366×768, 60 GHz 18/24 bit)
- + 1×SATA III,
NAND flash 8 GB
CPC314  Vortex86DX3™800 MHz, 2 cores DDR3 SDRAM 2 GB (soldered onboard) 2 x RS-232, 2 x RS-422/485, 8 x GPIO USB 2.0 (HS, FS, LS) 10/100 Mbit/c VGA (1920х1080, 32 bit color),
LVDS (1920х1080, 32 bit color)
+ + SATA I/II modes
Read/write speed up to 100 MB/sec
CPC316  Vortex86DX3™800 MHz, 2 cores DDR3 SDRAM 2 GB (soldered onboard) 2 x RS-232,
2 x RS-422/485, 48 digital I/O channels
Up to 4xUSB 2.0 (HS, FS, LS) 1x10/100 Mbit/c;
1x1000 Mbit/c
VGA (1920x1440@60Hz) + + 8 Gb NAND Flash;
CompactFlash slot Type 1/2

*StackPC: 4×1 PCI_Express, 6×USB 2.0, 2×SATA II, 2×USB 2.0, 2×SATA II, 2×RS-232, LPC, SMbus.


CPC316 - PC/104 plus Vortex86DX3 CPU Module

The CPC316 is a CPU Module made in PC/104 plus format based on the Vortex86DX3 (800 MHz Dual Core) processor, and features compact size and low power consumption.


CPC314 - PC/104 plus CPU Module

The CPC314 is a CPU Module made in PC/104 plus format based on the Vortex86DX3 (800 MHz Dual Core) processor and features compact size and low power consumption. The module is designed as successor product for CPC304 and might be interested also for those customers who want to upgrade or extend their CPC304 based systems life cycle.


CPC313 - Embedded Single-Board Computer in StackPC-PCI form-factor

CPC313 is a highly-integrated and power-efficient solution on MIPS32 platform designed for the use in real-time systems, manufacturing control, data acquisition and processing systems for harsh environments and mission-critical applications.


CPC310 - PC/104-Plus E38xx Based SBC

CPC310 represents an embedded single-board computer in PC/104- Plus format designed for missioncritical applications.


CPC309 - PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based SBC with StackPC* expansion connector

CPC309 is a singleboard computer in StackPC format. In addition to the standard StackPC* interfaces it has VGA, LVDS and RS232, soldered NAND Flash and soldered RAM.


CPC308 - PC/104-Plus Intel Atom N450/D510 SBC

CPC308 - SBC with low heat emission, integrated graphics and wide range of communication interfaces.


CPC307 - PC/104-Plus Vortex86DX SBC

Fastwel CPC307 is designed for applications requiring high performance low power industrial controller with CAN interface. Fastwel СРС307 conforms to PC/104-Plus specification and is compatible with a large number of peripheral and power supply modules delivered by a wide range of manufacturers. Based on x86compatible Vortex 86DX processor operating at 600 MHz, the module bears 256 MB soldered DDR2 memory and a wide range of input/output interfaces. CPC307 allows system designers simple programming and provides portability of previously developed libraries for x86 architecture with Fastwel DOS™, Linux®, Windows® XP Embedded and QNX® support. Having two isolated CAN ports onboard along with a wide set of popular industrial interfaces, such as RS232, RS485, RS422, USB, and Fast Ethernet, CPC307 offers integrated functionality which is usually achieved by using several products from different manufacturers. For debugging purposes or for applications requiring graphical interface, CPC307 can operate together with Fastwel VIM301 graphics controller module providing VGA, LVDS, TFT, and SGD interfaces.