Fastwel also provides extra services, like coating, customization and assembling, which are often required by customers. 

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To make a better approach to customers' needs, Fastwel has its own manufacturing facility for electronic modules, as well as cases and card cages assembly. Due to developed network of integration partners we are capable to assemble complicated products, including industrial computers, servers, special purpose monitors, 19inch stands, cases and blocks.

Design and contract manufacturing

Having longterm experience in complex electronics development, Fastwel offers contract manufacturing services which include not only separate electronic modules production, but also complete solutions incorporating hardware and software com ponents.

OPC Software

Fastwel offers OPC servers for several popular industrial fieldbuses


Protective coating is a thin protective polymeric film (25 - 75 μm thick) applied on an assembled electronic module or PCB. It is mainly intended for protection of electronics operating in rugged environments, exposed to moisture, aggressive chemicals, salt mist, vibration, and risk of fungous organics buildup. For high quality protection of its products against various environmental impacts Fastwel employs the HumiSeal 1А33 urethane protective coating. Feel free to send us your request now.