PC 104

PC 104

PC/104 standard describes module principle to build compact integrated systems in the form of a stack of boards mated to each other. The PC/104 standard has proved its high efficiency among developers of compact onboard computer systems. Many engineers chose РС/104 due to the advantages which include their low weight and dimensions of such devices (boards with dimensions 90×96 mm), mechanical reliability of both connectors and the entire structure in general.

Family of PC/104 standards describes data exchange between modules via 16 bit ISA parallel buses, PCI 32 bits and using PCI-Express, USB 2.0 and SATA serial interconnects and contains of 5 specifications. Despite the most compact size 90×96 mm, the standard family includes EPIC and EBX form-factors.

For systems of PC/104 standard, FASTWEL manufactures CPU modules, peripherals, power supply modules as well as system platform based on the specified components.

Computer platform for solving transportation tasks based on СРС307

Multipurpose PC platform for modules in PC/104+ form-factor