Robust BoxPCs designed to work in harsh environments, easy to be installed and maintained

MK150 MK150 - Box PC

The computer is based on MicroPC AMD GEODE LX 800, 500 MHz - CPC150 processor module

MK-306 MK-306 - Box PC

The computer is based on CPC306 processor module, VIM301 graphics controller and PS351 power supply module.CPC306 does not use forced cooling and does not have moving parts.

MK-307 MK-307 - РС/104, РС/104+ SBC based Modular computer

Fastwel MK307 is a platform for modular computer designed to serve industrial, transport, governmental and other applications where environment is severe. Due to the modular design, Fastwel MK307 offers flexibility in its configuration to achieve optimum price/performance ratio for every particular usage.

MK308 MK308 - PC platform for modules in PC/104+ form-factor

МК308 is a basic PC platform for modules in PC/104+ form-factor.

MK905 MK905 - AMD GEODE LX 800 (500 MHz) based BOX PC

MK905 Box PC is designed on the basis of CPB905 Module and PS351 Power Supply Module.

MK300 MK300 - PC platform for modules in Stack PC form-factor

Basic PC platform for stack modules in StackPC and PC/104 form-factors with conduction heat removal to the enclosure.