To make a better approach to customers' needs, Fastwel has its own manufacturing facility for electronic modules, as well as cases and card cages assembly. Due to developed network of integration partners we are capable to assemble complicated products, including industrial computers, servers, special purpose monitors, 19inch stands, cases and blocks.

It is widely known that not only mechanical features determine the assembly process quality. The human factor, hidden development and production defects are of great significance as well. Competent testing of assembled products plays an important role in the manufacturing process. It requires both appropriate equipment and professional engineering team, which is not only developing test stands and software, but can also find defects and do rework operations.

Fastwel Testing Department has all the necessary equipment; its staff consists of specialists who have experience in complicated rework stations and test desks development. All together, it allows the company to reveal defects and rework products even before they get off the production line. Product testing minimizes the risk of failure during the operating time, which is extremely important for mission critical applications.

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