Isolated digital input card (EOL)

DIC112 (DI32-5)

DIC112 (DI32-5)  Isolated digital input card (EOL)

•    32 isolated digital input or frequency measurement channels
•    Input voltage range: 3 V to 52 V (5 sub-ranges)
•    Input current range: 3 to 10 mA
•    Input frequency up to 30kHz / 5MHz
•    Frequency or phase measurement
•    Programmable debounce logic
•    Interrupts generation on input events
•    1500 V isolation to system and between channels
•    On-board isolated 12 V DC/DC converter for dry contact support
•    Extended operating temperature

The DI32 card is designed in MicroPC format and accepts 32 digital or frequency inputs from 3 V to 52 V DC. All lines are isolated from system and from each other.

The module uses an FPGA chip (XILINX XC5204TM) for signal processing. The input channels can be connected in differential or single-ended (with common ground) modes.

The DI32 provides dry contact support using the on-board 12V DC/DC converter or external (up to 52V) power source. The TB-34 series terminal boards and FC34 ribbon cables are used for external connections.


Datasheet (PDF 0.48 MB)
  • DIC11201

    DI32-5 Isolated Digital Input Card MicroPC, 32 lines

  • DIC11202

    DI32-5-2 Isolated Digital Input Card MicroPC, 32 lines, built-in dry contact power supply

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