CPB914  x86 Vortex86DX3™ based CPU Module in ETX format

x86 Vortex86DX3™ based CPU Module in ETX format


    • 800 MHz Vortex86DX3™ CPU, 2 cores
    • RAM: soldered DDR3-800 SDRAM, 2 GB
    • Bus frequency: 500 MHz
    • Built-in non-volatile memory: 8 KB FRAM for storing configuration
    • FLASH BIOS: 2 MB, modifiable within the system
    • Operating temperature range: –40°С…+85°С
    • Shock / Vibration resistance: 50g / 5g
    • Software compatibility: Microsoft™ MS-DOS®6.22, FreeDOS, Linux Debian 8, QNX 6.x, Microsoft™ Windows 7 Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 2009
    • Weight: no more than 100g
    • MTBF: no less than 50 000 h



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    The x86 114x95 mm CPU Module in ETX format is designed for building highly reliable embedded energy-saving systems with compact overall dimensions. 
    Datasheet (PDF 0.24 MB)
    СPB914 - 01

    CPB914 CPU Module, ETX format, Vortex86DX3 800 MHz 2 cores, 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM


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