NIM151  Module of Serial Interfaces

Module of Serial Interfaces


    • System Bus: 8-bit ISA bus
    • LED: Indication of I/O queries (references)
    • Power supply and power consumption: Module is supplied from an external DC source with a voltage of: +5 V ±0,25%, consumption current: NIM151-01 no more than 200 mA, NIM151-02 – no more than 250 mA
    • Moisture: up to 80%, non-condensing; up to 98%, noncondensing, for the /COATED option
    • Operating temperature range: –40 to +85°C
    • Software compatibility: FDOS, FreeDOS, Windows XP (Embedded); Linux 2.6
    • Weight: no more than 0.08 kg
    • MTBF: no less than 540,000 hours



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    NIM151 Multiport Module is carried out in the MicroPC standard and is designed for arranging RS232/RS422/RS485 serial interfaces.

    The module uses a single slot of the MicroPС mounting frame. The device can be used with any module of CPU or microcontroller unit in the MicroPC standard.

    The module is intended for the use in applications that prescribe an intensive data exchange through serial communication channel.

    Datasheet (PDF 0.92 MB)

    Multiport Module, 4x UART channels


    Multiport Module, 8x UART channels

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