NIM151  Module of Serial Interfaces

Module of Serial Interfaces


    • System bus: 8-bit ISA bus;
    • 4x (NIM151-01) or 8x (NIM151-02) UART channels with logical levels of signals (CMOS, TTL);
    • Rate of data exchange: up to 115200 baud;
    • Operating temperature range: from - 40° to +85°С;
    • Software compatibility: FDOS, FreeDOS, Windows XP Embedded, Linux 2.6.



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    NIM151 module is implemented in the MicroPC standard and is designed for the arrangement of RS232/RS422/RS485/UART serial interfaces. The module can be used with any CPU board or MCU of the MicroPC standard.

    NIM151 Multiport Module. 4x channels of serial interfaces RS232/RS422/RS485/UART


    NIM151 Multiport Module. 8x channels of serial interfaces RS232/RS422/RS485/UART

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