Multipurpose I/O Card

DIC111 (UNIO96-1)

DIC111 (UNIO96-1) Multipurpose I/O Card

•    96-channel digital I/O card
•    Compatibility with digital and analog opto-isolated modules Opto-22, Grayhill (including series 73G, 73L)
•    Frequency measurement at any channel
•    From 9.2 to 73.0 kHz (accuracy 0.025%)
•    From 9.2 to 1900 kHz (accuracy 0.5%)
•    Serial signal can be transmitted or received through any line (115200, 8, 1, N)
•    Programmable debounce logic time on the lines: 40 ns, 320 ns, 4 ms, 60 ms
•    Programmable configuration of channels as inputs or outputs in groups: 8 groups of 8 channels; 8 groups of 4 channels; 48 groups of 2 channels
•    5 interrupt lines and a DMA channel
•    Extended operating temperature range from –40°C to +85°C

The module is a 96-channel digital I/O card in MicroPC format. UNIO96-1 accepts TTL-logic level signals.

The main application area of the module - to serve as an interface with opto-module racks MPB-24/TBI-24/TBI-16L (Opto-22, Grayhill) or with isolated I/O terminal boards TBI-xx/xx. Besides, the module can be used to control displays, LED-devices, for frequency measurements, for timing diagrams generation, for code conversion etc.

Opto-module Rack Interface

The main purpose of the UNIO96-1 is to provide an interface with optomodule racks (Opto-22, Grayhill) and with isolated I/O terminal boards TBIxx/xx series (see connection diagram). The card allows to serve 96 modules of any type (analog, digital, input, output).

The serial data transseivers and frequency gage of the UNIO96-1 allow to control 1 input and 1 output Grayhill opto-isolated modules (73G/73L series) simultaneously using no processor resource (interrupt generation is possible).


Digital I/O lines of the UNIO96-1 are terminated with 4 26-pin IDC-type connectors. The TB-26 series terminal boards, MPB-xx series opto-racks, and TBI-xx/xx series isolated terminal boards can be used to connect the external lines to the module. The I/O channels can be pulled to +5 V or GND through 10 kΩ pull-up/pull-down resistors by groups of 24.
Datasheet (PDF 0.45 MB)
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    UNIO96-1 Low-Cost multifunctional I/O Card MicroPC, 96 lines

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