Power Supply Module in MicroPC format


PS151 Power Supply Module in MicroPC format

•    MicroPC form_factor
•    Input voltage: 10,5 _ 36 V
•    Protection against surge overvoltages at input of the primary power supply
•    Consumption current in switched_on condition: 5 mA
•    Galvanic isolation at input/output: 1000 V
•    Protection against overloads and overheating
•    Operating temperature range of voltage converters: from –40°С to +85°С
•    Operating temperature range of control system: from –50°С to +85°С
•    Vibration/Single shocks/ Multiple shocks resistance: 5 g/ 100 g/ 50g

PS151 power supply module is implemented in MicroPC format in is optimized for the use as a part of the devices, intended for operation in:

-    non-maintained systems in hard to get areas;
-    systems self-powered from natural energy sources;
-    battery supplied systems installed in vehicles;
-    systems, operated under extreme climatic conditions.

The intelligent power supply control system fulfills the following functions:

-    Control of watchdog timer, which switches off system power supply in case of system hanging;
-    Monitoring of ambient temperature and control of heater and fan channels within the programmed temperature ranges, from - 50С;
-     Maintaining of a system event log with a reference to time and date;
-    Automatic transition to a redundant power supply channel;
-    Switching on/switching off the system according to schedule;
-    "Protection"  function of the switched-off system.
Datasheet (PDF 0.26 MB)
  • PS151-01

    Power Supply Module: 5V/30W, 12V/20W, 3,3V/5W.

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