РС/104, РС/104+ SBC based Modular computer


MK-307 РС/104, РС/104+ SBC based Modular computer

•    IP65 modular industrial computer
•    Housing up to five PC/104 modules
•    Four 18-pin rugged connectors on front panel for expansion modules signal input-output
•    Industrial operating temperature range: –40°C to +70°C
•    Basic hardware configuration of MK307:
•    СРС307-04 CPU board
•    VIM301 graphics controller board
•    PS351-01 power supply module

Fastwel MK307 is a platform for modular computer designed to serve industrial, transport, governmental and other applications where environment is severe. Due to the modular design, Fastwel MK307 offers flexibility in its configuration to achieve optimum price/performance ratio for every particular usage.

Fastwel MK307 is based on stackable modular concept and standards promoted by PC/104 consortium (

Up to five PC/104-Plus electronic modules can be placed inside the rugged aluminum alloy housing. All connectors are located on the front panel providing easy access and allowing installation into blind compartments.

Fastwel MK307 features the IP65 dust and moisture protection of the housing and external cable connectors and can be supplied with a cradle for easy mounting. The side lid provides easy access to MicroSD and SIM cards.

Fastwel MK307 is based on CPC307 PC/104-Plus host CPU module, power supply module with wide input voltage range (from 10 to 36 V DC through rugged connector on the front panel) and may include additional videocontroller, field bus, communication and navigation modules. The frontpanel connectors provide access to standard computer interfaces, such as five COM ports, Fast Ethernet, two USB 2.0, PS/2, VGA, LVDS, two CAN ports. Four additional frontpanel 18-contact connectors can be used for interfacing with customer's application specific expansion modules.
Datasheet (PDF 0.61 MB)
MK-307manual.pdf (PDF 2.34 MB)
  • МК307-01

    СPС307-04, VIM301-01, PS351-01, CNM350-01

  • МК307-02

    СPС307-04, VIM301-01, PS351-01

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