Rugged Embedded Computers for mission critical applications

Embedded System is a dedicated microprocessor control system, which development concept is that it can operate being embedded directly into the device, controlled by it.


CompactPCI – Standard for Building Spacecraft Onboard Systems

A working group on expanding the CompactPCI Serial standard for using it in space technologies was created as part of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG).


High integrity CompactPCI S.0 Intel Core i7 based conduction cooled solution for your mission critical application

CPC510 CPU module is developed for customers as the high integrity solution in CPCI Serial 3U form-factor with a purpose of use in real-time, control and high-speed data acquisition and processing systems.


New Principles of IMA System Implementation Based on Fastwel CPB906 Mezzanine COM Module

Consideration here is given to Fastwel experience in designing modules in 3U VITA 46/48 format with PCI
Express interface for the use in the scalable crate, as well as to peculiarities of the CPU module implementation
with PCI Express system bus on the basis of Fastwel CPB906 mezzanine COM module with PCI.


Speed train GPS\Glonass navigation system based on Fastwel electronics

In the present case study the consideration is given to the system of high-accuracy detection of locomotives location, with the help of GLONASS/GPS. The system can be used both in mainline railroad transport and industrial railroad transport enterprises which have their own fleet of locomotives and track infrastructure.