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VT01 - Monochrome Information Display

VT01 - Monochrome Information Display

Infotainment Platform for Rolling Stock

•    Image color: monochrome (red/green/yellow/white)
•    Symbol height: up to 180 mm
•    Interfaces: 1×FastEthernet, 1×RS232, 1×USB
•    Operating temperature range: –40…+55°C
•    IP41
•    Compliant with EN50155

The device is designed for the use in rolling stock (outdoor version). Information related to the route and train number is generated by bright LEDs forming an HD unified array, visible from a distance with any light intensity level, including direct sunlight. It is possible to use multiline modes for expanding the information volume. Enclosure of the information display has a high mechanical resistance and high integrity of the generated image. The device can be easily integrated into the general passenger information and warning system via the standard Ethernet interface. The displayed data is transferred in the simple format and can create several zones with independent data update. Date/ time and ambient temperature information is generated by an integrated computer and is displayed according to the general principles. Scheduled operation mode is supported.

Operating conditions of the display meet requirements of the EN50155 standard. Operating temperature range is: -40°С to +55°С.
Datasheet (PDF 0.45 MB)
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