Rugged HMI Panel PC


BS04 Rugged HMI Panel PC

•    Dual core 32-bit/64-bit Intel Pineview-D (D510) х86 CPU
•    RAM: DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz 1 GB, soldered
•    NAND Flash Drive 4 GB, soldered and connected to SATA interface 10.4" display,
      resolution 800×600
•    2×CAN, 2×RS422/485, 2×Ethernet 10/100/1000 MB/s
•    2×CFAST, 1×SDHS
•    Operating temperature range: –50°С…+60°С
•    Supported OS: FREEDOS 6.22, Windows XPe, CE5.0, Linux 2.6, QNX 6.4
•    No less than IP65 – enclosure front surface
•    No less than IP40 – enclosure steel surface
•    EN50155 compliant
•    MVB (Optional)

BS04 rugged HMI panel PC is developed as a replacement for PCs of the previous generation – BS03. The device is designed for use in transport and industry under conditions of adverse mechanical and electromagnetic effects in the wide range of environmental temperatures. The structure of the device enables to flexibly adapt it to the customer's requirements.

BS04 – rugged HMI computer from Fastwel is fully configurable and can be customized according to the specific demands of your application.
Datasheet (PDF 0.43 MB)
  • BS04-01

    Rugged HMI panel PC, Intel Pineview-D (D510), 10.4" display, 800×600, 2×CAN, 2×RS422/RS485, 2×Ethernet, 2×CFAST, 1×SDHS, 3×USB, Audio, 36, 72 V DC

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