DIC334  Digital I/O Module with Galvanic Isolation

Digital I/O Module with Galvanic Isolation


    •    System Bus: PCIe interface;
    •    Digital input: 16 x digital / frequency input channels;
    •    Digital output: 8 x digital output channels;
    •    Power supply and power consumption: +5 V±5%, no more than 160 mA;
    •    Resistance to sinusoidal vibration: 5 g for the frequencies from 10 to 500 Hz;
    •    Operating temperature range: from -40 to +85°С;
    •    Software: Linux;
    •    MTBF: 710,000 hours;



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    The module is implemented in the StackPC standard and has 16 x isolated digital input and 8 x isolated digital output channels. All the channels are isolated from the system and from each other. The channels have two-wire or single wire connection (with common ground). The connection of dry contact signals using an external (up to 52V) power supply source is possible. The load connection: two-wire / single-wire.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.36 MB)

    16 x digital or frequency input channels, 8 x digital output channels, StackPC, galvanic isolation

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