PC104 Video Graphics Controller Card with StackPC expansion connector


VIM302 PC104 Video Graphics Controller Card with StackPC expansion connector

•    System-on-a-chip TMS320DM8186 (VLIW-processor C674X
     DSP; RISC-processor ARM cortex-A8;
     3D-graphics accelerator SGX530;
•    NAND Flash 256 MB for storing OS;
•    PCI-E BUS: Compatibility with the PCI-E 2.0 specification;
•    SATA interface: transfer rate up to 300 MB/sec;
•    USB interface: support of USB 1.1 (12 MB/sec),
      USB 2.0 (480 MB/sec);
•    Operating temperature range: from –40°C to + 85°C;
•    Software compatibility: Open Source Linux.

VIM302 module represents a video graphics controller card implemented in the StackPC format. Module operation is possible in one of the two
- Master mode: The module is operating as a standalone full-featured CPU module. Peripheral devices are connected to the module via StackPC.
- Slave mode: The module is a peripheral device for capturing and processing video streams. Using PCI-E x1 interface via StackPC it connects to any CPU module.
- The both modes make it possible in real time to receive 16x D1 video streams or 2x SDI streams, compress them by H.264 algorithm, determine motion in the frame, save the compressed information to the drive, broadcast the streams over Ethernet, display them using a local monitor. Depending on the frame motion, it is possible to change the parameters of video streams compression in order to decrease the amount of video data saved.
Datasheet (PDF 0.59 MB)
  • VIM302-01

  • PC104 Video Graphics Controller Card with StackPC expansion connector, DDR3 SDRAM 1 GB, NAND flash 256 MB for storing OS, connector for microSD cards, VGA and HDMI video outputs, PCI-E bus, SATA interface (transfer rate up to 300 MB/sec), Resistance to vibration/single shocks (5g/100g), Operating temperature range: –40°C…+85°C
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