Application Examples

Safety First! Reliable Com-Express Intel Atom N450/D510 based module -Best Solution to Control the Aircraft Onboard Equipment


Case study


Current development trends in the area of aircraft control and computing devices are intended for the full-scale integration with information systems of both on-board and ground equipment. To get quickly adapted to the current situation and select the most appropriate course of action, members of the aircrew should instantly receive relevant information regarding the performance of the engine, control systems, navigation systems etc.


  • High performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Shock/vibration resistance
  • Extended temperature range
  • Real-time operating systems support

Therefore, the on-board panel PCs used by pilot/aircrew can be designed on the basis of compact PC modules having a large set of interfaces and combining high performance and low power consumption.


FASTWEL СРС1310 is a perfect match for it!

The CPC1310 module is implemented in the COM Express standard (PICMG COM.0 r.2.0) based on Intel Atom N450/ D510 processors operating at the frequencies up to 1,66 GHz. The device is meant to satisfy demands of the consumers looking for the modern high capacity computing machines with support of the existing mezzanine boards. The СРС1310 boards enable the smooth integration into existing systems without extra time consumption. In order to test the features of the СРС1310, Fastwel provides its customers with the KIB1283 carrier boards which have a complete set of standard connectors and interfaces.

All module components including 1 GB RAM and 4 GB NAND Flash are soldered to the board which ensures high vibration and shock resistance. High density connectors enable the developers to choose from a wide range of high-speed interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, 8 USB 2.0, 2 SATA II and 4 PCI Express x1.

At the same time ISA bus is supported via additional connector which makes it possible to utilize all current functionalities efficiently at the time of development and especially upgrade of mission-critical systems. It is important to note that the СРС1310 provides full ISA bus support including such important functions as direct memory access (DMA) and interruptions mode. Therefore, developers have an opportunity to promptly create the on-board systems using all best practices.

The CPU-integrated 2D/3D video & graphics accelerator supports VGA and LVDS interfaces with resolution up to 2048×1536. Additional CPC1310 features include: 32-bit PCI bus, audio interface, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, 4 COM-ports, 16 DIO lines and 2 watchdog timers as well as the second Gigabit Ethernet channel routed to the same connector as ISA.

The upper side of the СРС1310 is equipped with a heat spreader. Such a configuration enables heat dissipation by attaching the unit directly on to the enclosure or chassis. Heat is dissipated from the CPU via the heat spreader and is transferred to the enclosure.

The board is compatible with the most common operating systems: DOS, Windows XP Embedded, Linux and QNX.


FASTWEL PC module CPC1310 can work in various applications intended for operation in harsh environments and provides their high reliability, performance and broad functional capabilities.