Programmable I/O card (EOL)

DIC110 (UNIOxx-5)

DIC110 (UNIOxx-5) Programmable I/O card (EOL)

•    96/48 digital/frequency I/O channels programmable in any combination
•    Compatibility with digital/analog opto-isolated modules Opto-22, Grayhill (including 73G, 73L)
•    Frequency, phase measurement at any channel
•    Timers/counters
•    Frequency generation and pulse width modulation (PWM) at any channel
•    Code conversion at any channel
•    Timing diagrams generation
•    Input event interrupts generation
•    Programmable debounce logic
•    In-System Programming
•    Extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +85 °C

The UNIO96/48-5 are 96/48-channel digital I/O MicroPC add-on cards.

The cards deal with the TTL-level signals and can be used to interface with optoisolated modules racks, displays, LEDdevices.

The card provides a wide range of functions - counting, sequencing, timing diagrams generation, pulse width modulation, code conversion etc.

The module uses FPGA chips for signal processing. It supports in-system programming which allows to change the control logic algorithm without turning power off.


Datasheet (PDF 0.89 MB)
  • DIC11001

    UNIO96-5 multifunctional I/O Card MicroPC, 96 lines

  • DIC11002

    UNIO48-5 multifunctional I/O Card MicroPC, 48 lines

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