IPC-SYS8FN (Advantix - powered by Fastwel) 1U High-Performance Fanless PC

1U High-Performance Fanless PC

IPC-SYS8FN (Advantix - powered by Fastwel)

    - CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3610QE/Intel® Core™ i5-3610ME;
    - Chipset: Intel® QM77;
    - RAM: 2 – 16GB, 2 x DDR3-1333/1600, non ECC;
    - Watchdog: programmable;
    - Network: 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 controllers, each on PCIE
      x1 bus;
    - GPU: integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, video memory up to
      1GB, Dual Head support;
    - Oper. temperature: +5~+40°C (AC ver.)/-40~+70°C (DC ver.);
    - Power supply: 9-24V DC or 220V AC (2 options);
    - OS compatibility: Microsoft XP Embedded, Windows 7, 8, 10,



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    The IPC-SYS8FN (Advantix – powered by Fastwel) is a highperformance fanless PC characterized by a low power consumption. The hallmark of this industrial fanless PC is the lack of noise from fans. Despite the compact size it has expansion slots and is suitable for installation in unmanned rooms.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.89 MB)

    1U High-Performance Fanless PC / Intel® Core™ i7-3610QE (2.3GHz, 6MB, 4 x cores) or Intel® Core™ i5-3610ME (2.7GHz, 3MB, 2 x cores) / RAM: 2 – 16GB, 2 x DDR3-1333/1600, non ECC, single-channel or two-channel / integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, video memo

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