Industrial BoxPC


TK-8000 Industrial BoxPC

•    Intel® Pentium® M up to 1.8 GHz
•    Up to 1 GB DDR SDRAM ECC soldered
•    Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
•    Four USB 2.0 ports
•    Two SerialATA channels
•    PC/104 and PC/104+ modules support
•    Protective coating (optional)
•    50G/5G – shock/vibration resistance
•    Operating temperature: –40°C to +70°C
•    IP52 Sealed
•    Fanless design

Fastwel TK-8000 is a highly integrated industrial computer designed to work in harsh environment either as humanoperated or unattended system at remote location. Industrial automation, transport are among the major application areas of Fastwel TK-8000.

Having inside Pentium M 1.8 GHz CPU with 2 MB level 2 cache, up to 1 GB DDR SDRAM with ECC and embedded Graphics Engine with VGA output up to 2048×1536@75 Hz, Fastwel TK-8000 is capable to perform major computing and visualization tasks in industrial applications within extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

Modern board architecture and robust mechanical design ensure capability of Fastwel TK-8000 to withstand up to 50G shock, up to 5G vibration and up to 95% humidity level without operability loss.

All electronic components including CPU, SDRAM memory, and 32 MB flash memory are soldered on board. TK-8000 is equipped with conduction cooling system for effective heat sinking from CPU and other critical components to the allmetal housing of Fastwel TK-8000.

Two Gigabit Ethernet channels provide Fastwel TK-8000 with high speed communication links important for fast data exchange with server or storage facility, for working in Remote Desktops operation mode or any other bandwidthhungry applications. Two RS-232 ports, two RS-485 ports, four USB 2.0 ports and one LPT port provide connectivity to peripheral devices.

Fastwel TK-8000 can be ordered with CF or SSD installed having either IDE or SATA interfaces. BIOSof Fastwel TK-8000 can be configured for booting from onboard flash, CF storage or via LAN and USB.
Fastwel TK-8000 supports wide range of real time (QNX, VxWorks, WinCE) and nonreal time (Windows XP/XP Embedded and Linux) operating systems. Fastwel TK-8000 requires external 9-30V DC power supply.
Datasheet (PDF 0.9 MB)
TK8000manual.pdf (PDF 1.45 MB)
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