Programmable I/O Module


DIC120 Programmable I/O Module

•    System bus: 8-bit ISA bus
•    Digital I/O: 96 (DIC120-01) or 48 (DIC120-02) digital I/O channels with logical signal levels (CMOS, TTL)
•    Support of timers/pulse counters
•    Power consumption: +5 V ± 5%, no more than 340 mA
•    Operating temperature range: from –40°С to +85°С
•    Dimensions: no more than 125 mm x 115 mm
•    Supported OS: FDOS, FreeDOS,
•    Windows XP (Embedded), Linux 2.6

The module is implemented in MicroPC standard and is designed for input/output of 96 or 48 signals with CMOS logical levels, TTL or extension of system resources (e.g. support of additional system timers or acceleration of logical and arithmetic operations). The module can also be sued for measurement of frequency (duration) and signal phases, performing calculation and timing operations, generation of PWM-signals, conversion of codes, generation of control timing diagram and event hardware interrupts at inputs. DIC120 is compatible with DIC110 module in terms of hardware and software.
Datasheet (PDF 0.74 MB)
  • DIC120 - 01

    96 I/O channels

  • DIC120 - 02

    48 I/O channels

  • Cables and connectors

    Components for embedded systems design
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