VKP-B2/EL4S-A1 (Advantix - powered by Fastwel) 2U Elbrus-4S CPU-Based Fanless Brusnika Industrial Computer

2U Elbrus-4S CPU-Based Fanless Brusnika Industrial Computer

VKP-B2/EL4S-A1 (Advantix - powered by Fastwel)

    - CPU: Elbrus-4S 1891VM8YA (800 MHz, 4 x cores);
    - Chipset: KPI 1991VG1YA;
    - RAM: 4 – 96GB, 3 x DDR3-1600, ECC reg;
    - Audio: two channel AC-97, connectors are not routed by default;
    - Video subsystem: Integrated: Silicon Motion SM718 GPU or
      option: 3D GPU of the AMD Radeon family;
    - Power supply: 220V AC power supply unit(as option: DC power
      supply unit);
    - Network: 1 х Ethernet 10/100/1000 controller;
      Dimensions: 370 (D) * 483 (W) * 89 (H);
    - OS support: Elbrus operating system is included in the set,
      Neutrino-E Protected Real-Time Operating System, Windows
      XP, Astra Linux Special Edition in the binary translation mode;



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    Brusnika VKP-B2/EL4S-A1 Industrial Computer (Advantix - powered by Fastwel) is based on a Russian-made Elbrus-4S CPU and is the first fanless solution in the 2U enclosure for mounting into the 19” rack, which makes it possible to use this computer in the 24/7 mode and in unmanned facilities. This model will be duly appreciated by those government agencies that require a hardware platform enabling a steady operation with sensitive information, which needs to be secured and stored properly.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.25 MB)

    Elbrus-4S CPU-Based Fanless AdvantiX Brusnika Industrial Computer / Elbrus-4S 1891VM8YA CPU (800 MHz, 4 x cores) / RAM: 4 – 96GB, 3 x DDR3-1600, ECC reg / Integrated GPU Silicon Motion SM718 on the PCI bus, 16Mb video memory / 220V AC (option: DC power su

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