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Price Reduction for MicroPC CPU Module CPC152


Fastwel announces the price reduction for СРС152 CPU module in MicroPC format.

This step is particularly important for those system integrators, which have used similar Octagon Systems products before. It should be reminded that the СРС 152 module was designed for maximum compatibility with Octagon Systems CPU boards, widely presented in lower-level process control systems used in mining and processing industries. Today СРС 152 may be a real “safety hand” for dozens of long-term projects in many application areas. The module will be available in the market for a long time, and in case of particular projects – as long as will be required.

In terms of its functionalities, СРС152 is at the cutting edge of modern computing technologies for embedded systems. The module is based on Vortex 86DX CPU with 600 MHz. Millions of modules manufactured around the world, based on such CPUs, proved its high reliability and quality. Vortex 86DX performance corresponds to the Intel Pentium level, which makes it possible to test the most complex in-process control algorithms in real time. The soldered 2 GB SSD enables installing operating system right into the board and most of the projects enable even not to use additional drives at all. For applications requiring the storage of large data volumes (parameters archives, trends etc.), there is CompactFlash slot and a port for an external drive.

The board can be easily integrated into automation systems due to the built-in communications interfaces. Four serial ports have galvanic isolation and ESD protection, which enables the module to be used under operating conditions with a high interference level. The Fast Ethernet interface, which СРС152 uses for exchange of information with the upper level automatic control systems is also equipped with galvanic isolation up to 500 V. Four USB 2.0 ports are designed for both connecting standard РС-compatible peripherals and e.g. for servicing external remote terminal units.

In order to perform process tasks, СРС152 can be integrated with both I/O modules in MicroPC format and extension boards in РС/104 format. For this purpose, the board is equipped with a relevant connector. Its availability together with the external power supply connector also enables the use of СРС152 in onboard and special purpose systems. The integrated video interface with support of two independent displays and resolution of up to 1920х1440 makes it possible to reduce dimensions and energy consumption of the end device. The onboard system developers will enjoy the availability of temperature sensor, barometer gauge and accelerometer, ensuring control of operating conditions.

Fully soldered components make СРС152 highly resistant to mechanical loads. Conformal coating (optional) enables using the boards in high-humidity environments. The board has the following operating temperature range: from –40 to +85°C.